Adam's Images

By ajt

Taking the colour off

Today's mono is a bit of a cheat. I went outside and looked for something appropriate, and got a few things. I had a nice hoverfly ready to take off, but it didn't work in mono, you need to see it in colour.

I took this rose flower, which does work well in mono, but it's not taking off in the slightest way. A few pigeons did take off as I opened the door, but I've no picture of them.

Anyhow I was playing about with this rose when I noticed that while it looks good in colour or mono (Ilford XP2 in this case), it also looks quite interesting with only 85% of the mono filter applied, so one could say that I've mostly taken the colour off, but not quite... I know that's lame, but it's as good as you're going to get!

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