The Land that Time Forgot

I went out to do a fresh search for the interesting church I looked for on Saturday. Today I went there by road which was obviously a lot easier but less of an adventure. I did go up some very narrow lanes with the hedges brushing both sides of the van. I guess it would have looked a bit wider if the hedges had been trimmed.

I parked up and walked down the drive past this beautiful thatched house and the 'Private' sign and gradually the vista opened up. Once again I could see right down to the river Exe. In one field there were four lightning struck trees and there were some very old trees and a large wrought iron gate beside the track. It all seemed slightly weird hence my title of 'The Land that Time Forgot', a film based on a book by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The church itself is surrounded by trees, one a yew with a massive circumference. I've added a photo of that as an extra.

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