By MarilynParker

Bitty day

Parked up near town and walked to bank to close an account I've not used for years. I'd actually been in  the bank to close this decades ago but the daft young man I asked to close it left a tiny amount in it - he said in case I wanted to use it again - I was not too pleased as I had specifically said I wanted to close it!
After this I trotted off to Wilko's to buy some hedgehog food and a few bits.
Back to the car then parked at Asda to buy my favourite wine which was on offer. It's usually £7 a bottle but was reduced to £6. At the shelf I noticed there was another offer on it of 25% off if you bought 6 bottles so it had to be done! Bargain - worked out at £4.50 a bottle. Yay! Was telling mum and she said "Well it lasts" and I said, "Well it won't last long as it's my favourite!"
On the way back from Asda I called in mum's with a couple of items she had wanted from the shops then went home.
There was a builder doing some work next door but on the far side of their house so I pegged out the washing and started to prepare my lunch.
All hell broke loose - the builder was close to our fence ie a few feet from my washing, which he could not miss, and was grinding the house wall. Thick clouds of brick dust billowing all over our washing and further, right over our far fence onto my recently cleaned car.
I could not rescue the washing as it was impossible to go outside due to the thick clouds of dust. I was fuming! 
Some expletives were shouted but he did not hear due to the noise.
When I put the washing out he was not grinding and was working way off - it would be common courtesy to warn me what he was going to do. Builders usually tell you they are going to make dust so you can bring in your washing!
The whole back garden is full of mess as well, the bins, recycling containers, the benches, tables, window sills, etc. covered in red dust.
We will have months of this since they are having the extension done on the cheap so it's sporadic and you never know when they are going to be doing anything as no builder has been for weeks then only 1 man came today and did a few hours.
I know building makes mess but it's constant dragging on mess and it was the washing that annoyed me, plus I could not go outside from 1pm to 5pm.
I suppose I should be thankful that I was not in the shed at the time or I'd have had to shut myself in there till the choking clouds disappeared! 
Rant over! I feel better now, ha ha.
After lunch I had planned to do some gardening but since this was out of the question if I wanted to avoid ending up on a ventilator I cleaned in the house. 
On a happier note the lavatera ("tree mallow") is starting to flower hence the photo.

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