By CanCarrier

Do yer punt?

I decided to go swimming, not been swimming for ages. So I checked out Edinburgh Leisure and decided to see if Leith Vicky Baths had any time slots. Turns out the six o'clock booking were all full, so I paid for a seven o'clock slot and went and bought a sandwich to eat in the meantime. 

Sitting on the bench next to the statue of Queen Victoria I was approached by a young man, he had a straggly beard and held a can of larger. 

Seen Big Dave? 

Um, sorry, no. 

Ye Ken Ian? Big Ian? He has gray hair? 

No, 'fraid not. 

Oh, do her punt? 

Um, no. 

Ah, sorry, its just that everyone who sits on that bench... I just need something... It's crap... Everyone is in prison... Leith used to be a great place...


Eventually he wandered off, and I went swimming. 

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