By mambo


A big day for me as l went back to the studio at Northern Ballet today.
Used public transport, which meant wearing a mask for over an hour for the journey into the city.
Was in Leeds an hour early so went in John Lewis and bought new wine glasses and some earrings in the sale.
The procedures at Northern were the strictest l have known anywhere.
A wellness form done online earlier in the morning, hand sanitiser at the entrance, temperate taken, NHS app, hand washing- one at a time then up six flights of stairs to the studio, shoes changed one at a time ( in the yellow square ) then individually taken to our spot at the barre.
Sixteen of us instead of thirty. We could dance without a mask on ( my granddaughter’s have to wear one when they dance there ).
But so good to be back even though we are doing these sessions as a trial -  hopefully it will be mean we can come back to the studio in September instead of Zoom.
Have fooled myself that l haven’t put weight on in lockdown but prancing about in a room full of mirrored walls shows l definitely have, hmmm will sort that out from mid August, no point even trying before then.
Trust me l was really good in lockdown when no one could see me but since restrictions have eased so have my good habits.
Plan to go again on Thursday  for the last session of this academic year.

Got a take  away coffee to drink in the Bus Station, then realised l couldn’t drink it there because l had to wear my mask:-))
Finally got on the bus and took my blip of the vacant bus next to me.
Was a bit alarmed to see the extra face at the top of the photograph!
Do you see it too? 

The first lesson l have done since Mr P died, still strange to come into an empty house and not be able to share what we had been up to.
A bit of Granny duty now and Kitty and l have just been to the deli for an ice cream before we watch ‘ the match ‘.

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