CBM - Comfortable Bottoms Matter

There are very few, if any, stock motorcycle seats that are really comfortable on long rides. My Honda Shadow looked comfortable but after about 60 miles continuous riding 'numb bum syndrome' (NBS) would set in. The Honda CTX1300 was better but even that gave NBS over 100 miles riding.
The Harley is pretty much the same as the Shadow but a few years ago I bought the blipped 'Airhawk Comfort Seat' and it is magic. 
I've used it on all 3 bikes mentioned above but the biggest test was on the 1000 Miles, in 24 Hours, ride that I did in 2018. Started at 05:00 on Saturday Morning, finished at 04:30 on Sunday morning and not a twinge of NBS. 
It works with pockets of air, secret is not to blow it up very much at all, it moves with every movement of bike and rider and so the muscles are constantly moving. It just works, not cheap but worth every single penny.
It's easy to put on and off but I've taken the seat off today so the straps can go right underneath, replaced the seat afterwards of course!
You can see the comparison of seats in the extras. The Shadow and Harley are very similar in shape, the CTX (white bike) is more boxy but more comfortable.
A little meme about the Harley noise included!

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