Linnet and Son

I made my first visit to the North Walney NR today.  It is a big reserve and I could really do with some guidance as to which are the best areas and the best times to visit.

The main picture shows two linnets.  The lower one is definitely a male but I'm not sure if the upper one is a juvenile or a female.

The first extra is a lovely orchid but I'm not sure which.  My thoughts are possibly a Northern Marsh Orchid but I would welcome advice.

The second extra is I think a mating pair of Black-tailed Skimmers.  According to Brooks & Cham the females will usually oviposit in the water but if the density of males is high they may oviposit by perching on exposed vegetation.  If a male captures the ovipositing female in flight he forms a tandem and then somersaults with her in mid air which causes her to spill her eggs from the vagina thus freeing her passage for copulation.  I believe that is what is happening here.

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