I love that the lavender starts to bloom.
The bees love it, too :-D

A busy day. Grocery shopping in the early morning when Teba had left for work, a walk with Omo, cutting a part of the hedge, a walk with Sam (without difficulties), an appointment with Teba at the dentist (only to get  the threads removed) and a chat with a neighbour whether he should get a dog again. His soulmate died 2 years ago. And I had to do my most hated task: Cut down the half of a beautiful blooming rose arch, which dare to grow in direction of (other) neighbours. For me it is a wonderful gift of the nature and a home for birds and insects. For my neighbour the fallen petals are dirt and unsuitable for her clean pebble garden. I have to accept it, but I hate doing this.
We watched the quarterfinals between Spain and Swiss. I felt very sorry for the Swiss. 
After cooking we watched the second quarterfinals between Belgium and Italy. I think it was a exciting soccer game, but I'm not sure, because I felt asleep. I can't imagine, why ;-)
The last task was blipping with Teba before making her ready for bedtime and than blip my entry. Now it is 1:30 am and time to say "sleep well, blipland!" And sorry for my constant lack of commenting :-/

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