By davidc

Silly Saturday: Silly me!

I was out for a bliphunt walk this morning, looking for suitable Silly Saturday photos, when I came across the resident heron at the smaller of the two Killingworth Lakes, at relatively close quarters: normally if we see it at all it's way across the far side of the lake where you can't get close. I did get a few static shots, then I noticed it preparing for take off: I tried to get a shot of it doing so - but silly me, I was too slow as you can see!

Today is the first Saturday of the month and therefore the day when we celebrate the life of the blipper Admirer, who started and hosted the Silly Saturday challenge right up to the weekend when she sadly died. She always loved to chuckle at the silliness we presented her with. It's my honour to host the challenge today. If you want to join in, please use the tag SilSJuly2021.

(PS I did actually manage to capture a reasonable shot of the heron in flight a couple of seconds later - see the extra.)

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