Apoca-bike shed

Friday :)  Had a good work day, and decided to go and collect my new glasses this afternoon - which meant catching the train into That London - again.  (I'd popped in to see if they were ready on Wednesday, which they weren't - then of course got a text on Thursday morning to ask me to come and collect them - typical.)

Spotted this very apocalyptic looking bike shed at Blackheath station on the way home.  There are a couple of bikes that are completely covered by vines (two racks right of centre - you can just see a little flash of the white saddle) - as well as a couple of more newly-parked ones.  It doesn't take long for nature to take over....

Back home for another couple of hours' work, then packed up for the weekend.  Watched the Italy/Belgium game this evening - exciting stuff (with a fair bit of Italian dramatics towards the end).

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