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By curns


The first full day of isolation - given I went for the test yesterday - and I am at home all day. Since December I have been very good at maintaining my fitness tracker goals but this is going to be impossible at home even if I run up and down stairs all day. In the end I discovered that I can reduce the goal which I have, reluctantly, decided to do until Monday when I come out of my own lockdown. I also signed up for a free trial of an app that PY uses for exercise every morning which is all stretching and HIT exercises: so I did chair squats, wall push-ups and a bunch of other exercises which left me breathless after just seven minutes. I still hadn’t met my exercise goal so I did I bit of walking on the spot to some upbeat music using the timer that’s include with the clock on the wall. The little graphical countdown lights are quite useful. I guess I am in for a few days where all my pictures will be of something in the house.

I was on the phone with Mum and Dad this evening talking about the self-isolation notice and the risk to next weekend’s plans with them when the text came through with the negative test result. Obviously I am relived as it allows some of this weekend’s plans to also proceed, albeit without me.

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