Marsupium Photography

By magi

the deluge

Sunday. Finished off the very last bits in the bathroom. It's all good again. Quite amazing how long it does take. Anyway, hopefully this will be good for a few years again.

Walked into town. Ended up buying a new print and carried it straight to the framers. Another brief visit to the new shopping centre. Mostly just for the hell of it. I did add a page of photos of the old St James Centre, its demise and the construction of the new to my photo website.

We did just miss the deluge and the flooding of the new building. Looks like some snagging is in need of sorting out. It did rain a lot, but it was quite impressive to watch a video of the water going straight through. When it really started to rain we were on the bus going back to Newington which I guess is upstream for all the runoff. 

This was an unusual amount of rain. I know storms like that from Germany. Infrastructure here is just not designed to cope with this amount of water. In Karlsruhe in Germany fillers on the tram tracks started to melt in the heat and caused huge amount of damage to the  tracks. The trams were out of action for a week or so. This is what climate change looks like. We get more extreme weather that our infrastructure struggles to cope with. We will need to upgrade our infrastructure to deal with the amount of change we are already committed to. However, we also need to stop burning fossil fuels. The sooner the better. The other very notable video this week was the Gulf of Mexico on fire were a gas pipeline burst. We are setting the ocean on fire!

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