DID they do it on purpose?

For the benefit of the posh/furriners: there are many euphemisms for one of our unavoidable, frequent, activities ... A "wee", a "widdle", a "pee", a "run off", being a very few of the more acceptable ones. One, oft-times, used by lads/rugby-players, etc. is a "slash".

I cannot believe that the designer/positioner of this advert did so entirely by coincidence. Can you?

We took off to Harlow Carr gardens and, for a change, manages to find some of the tiny little alpines gaffer had set her mind on. Nice bonus, being a member of R.H.S. we got in free.

One of today's near misses was a patch of about 2sq. mtrs of 2" (5cm) twigs sticking out of the ground, one of them carefully and securely labelled...
"Cotoneaster X SEUSICUS: Coral beauty.
We shall see, later ... much later.

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