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Cheers to us ...

It's lunchtime, not midnight - I'm 11 hours early - but I don't want to repeat this photo for today, our 51st wedding anniversary. In fact, I'm having to repeat this entry, as I've just inadvertently deleted a whole, witty screed that I now can't find the will to replicate ... We're not celebrating today, as there's far too much random stuff going on - but I may not be in a state to post an entry tomorrow evening.

Actually I can recall this moment perfectly. After our wedding service in the Memorial Chapel of Glasgow University, we'd taken the limo I'd arrived in to take us across the road from the chapel to the brand new Refectory building at the top of University Avenue, while our guests meandered over through a warm, sultry afternoon. (It poured in the evening. We were lucky.) The photographer kept trying to persuade us to adopt traditional wedding poses, and we kept laughing, with the result that we look amused in this photo rather than doting. There were brilliant speeches (my father, Himself's Best Man - both extremely clever men possessed of considerable wit) - though I'd be up there on my hind legs myself if I were being married now. Natch. It was all great fun, and the music was splendid. 

Today has been the stuff of comedy so far. The car is off being diagnosed after yesterday's vapours, and we've just spent a riotous hour trying to take a passport photo. It's not worth it. We have plenty of neutral, light-coloured walls, but they're all covered in pictures. Or there's furniture in the way. You're not allowed to have a shadow on your face. Nor behind your head. One of the trial photos looked as if there was a giant insect landing on my hair, but it was the shadow of Himself's hand holding the phone. Every photo we took - about 15 of them - was hideous as well as technically flawed in some way. We giggled helplessly, and then I rang the pharmacy down the road. We shall submit to their ministrations later.

In the meantime, as well as deleting a whole rambling entry to this journal, I have, thanks to reviewing the morning, remembered to find some frozen rolls for lunch more or less in time for them to thaw, as well as the salmon and some samphire for dinner. Somehow the halleyracket nature of the morning seems suitable for people who've been married quite so long ...

So here's to us. Cheers!

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