Avebury (Thursday 8th July 2021)

My own Blip ethos is that, as Joe Tree originally intended, the photograph I take for blip should reflect my day, not shape it, which for me would be the tail wagging the dog, especially as I am not a blip-a-day blipper. So when I drove off to Avebury specifically to look for a blip, was I breaking my own rules, or would I have done that anyway to get some exercise in a photogenic habitat and take some hobby photographs? I'm not sure, but like to think the latter. At any rate it was good to get some fresh air and commune with the neolithic sarsen stones in West Kennett Avenue. I stopped off at Quemerford Mill on the way there.

I could see a herd of cattle at the top of the incline and made my way slowly towards them. The path is very well worn and the calves are so used to people they take little notice of them and I got many shots. When I layed down on the ground to get some shots of them through the long grasses, they became inquisitive and before long I had a number of them grazing just inches from me.

On my way back I encountered a couple of men, probably father and son, trying out a camera, and they asked me if I was any good at identifying birdsong. They were watching a bird singing in a hawthorn tree, but weren't, as I had presumed, birdwatchers themselves, and didn't know what it was. I'm not good on birdsong but thought I might be some help if I could ID it through my superzoom camera. Through its viewfinder I could indistinctly make out the dim blurry image I'd taken of a small brownish bird, which I hazarded might be a hedge sparrow (dunnock). When I got home and viewed it on a computer screen it was clearly a mistle thrush, larger than it had seemed in the distance by eye. Sorry, guys!

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Friday 9.7.2021 (1535 hr)

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A Trip To Avebury, 8 July 2021 (Flickr album of 45 photos)

Taken with Pentax K-1 Mark II and Pentax HD P-D FA 28-105mm f/3.5-5.6ED DC WR lens

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Rita Wright - I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You (recorded 13-17 May 1967, Detroit MI)
Syreeta Wright began her Motown career as a secretary and demo singer before recording her first single in 1967. I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel For You did nothing, although the song was covered by Rosetta Hightower, Dusty Springfield, Jeff Beck, Diana Ross, Kiki Dee and others, and it wasn't until 1972 that her career was relaunched under the name Syreeta with the help and support of Stevie Wonder. An album The Rita Wright Years collected the two dozen tracks she recorded between 1967 and 1970, all unreleased apart from one single, and was released in 2016 in the UK, on Ace's Kent Soul label, and was revisited by me on this day.

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