By Naturelover

Little miracles

After Al's doctor we had errands to run, and we planned to stop at our daughter's to drop off things for Brody's open house. 
We called her, but she was shopping, so we decided to grab a quick lunch.
Al suggested a place we rarely go to, but it fit into the day, so we went.
As we were waiting to sit down,  a tall man walked up and said, "Think you'd have time for a quick volleyball game?"
I looked up to see one of my all-time favorite teammates from our volleyball days, who now lives in Texas!!
He was in Michigan visiting his family, and heads home tomorrow,  and it was such a blessing to see him and share a huge hug.  His beautiful smile was exactly what I needed today...he brought a wave of happy, treasured memories with him!

It's been a good day for many reasons.  We have an appt. for Al and he's feeling so much better.  Thank you all for the love.

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