By WilsonsNewDad


The pilot episode of 'The Psychic Anteater Detective' is now completed, and Wilson has held a Test Screening for the family so that he can assess public reaction to the show.
Honestly, the pilot episode consists of little more than the opening title sequence (and a few frames of the clapper board that have yet to be edited out) but it appeared to be received with great enthusiasm, and the screening concluded with a standing ovation from the family.
I think it's fair to say that the most popular scenes were those including TT wielding the clapper board…

Regarding Byron's difficulties writing his Artist's Statement, one of Wilson's American friends – Arnold – (AKA the.gourmet.anteater) has made the most *brilliant* suggestion:
'If there can be invisible art, there can certainly be invisible artist's statements. Byron doesn't want to taint the viewer's perspective by revealing too much…'
Inspired or what?!

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