Growing and blooming

The tiny rosebud that I blipped for Tuesday's challenge has now opened, and there are teeny buds on the other two companion cuttings. The only thing is, the original rose is red, and now this first bloom's opened, it's more of a pale pink. I wonder if the colour will eventually be true to the parent rose or not? The only other rose I've taken cuttings from (a rambler), bloomed identically to the parent: small pink roses. Time will tell, I suppose.

Today I briefly saw a beautiful green toad in the family's garden, but it crawled well under cover before I could fetch my camera. Nice to know it's there, though! The holiday-makers returned today. Little Miss B seemed to have grown physically and mentally. She probably has, after a few days of lots of new activities and little twin tots to play with, too. The three little girls get on very well together. (See Extra for little Miss B back home - the tower of bricks she's building reached 11 high before it toppled.)

Thanks to Anni for continuing to host Flower Friday (as well as offering us a daily chuckle in her journal) - we need it, don't we! Have a lovely weekend, blipmates.

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