By WharfedaleBex

Persuasion tactics

I thought my legs were feeling better than they were so had a grand plan to find the source of the Wharfe.  I was barely on my way when I knew that was a grand plan too far. I plumped for Burnsall.  

At Burnsall, I convinced myself that Grassington would be a good place for lunch.  Nearing Grassington, I thought Kilnsey and I'd switch back at Conistone.  There, I decided this plodding along lark was very enjoyable and I continued in eco mode around to Kettlewell.

It did cross my mind that I could continue to the source of the Wharfe, having made it this far, but on spotting the four miles to Buckden sign, I quickly calculated what must be a good 12 mile extension and rapidly turned for home before my brain had chance to catch up and disagree.

I was planning to head down the backroads home but unfortunately hit a severe and thankfully, unusual traffic jam - the road was completely chocker with cars in both directions. Looking to the other side of the valley, the air ambulance was arriving, a fire engine and a number of police cars were on the main road and this tiny road was attempting to be used as a diversion by the police.  I switched from lunch at Grassington to back over the bridge to Kilnsey.

I met another cyclist, Ed, who headed back for a second coffee after realising he too was blocked in and I had a really nice chat with him.  

We waited until the air ambulance took off to make a move - which was quite some time. It's a levelling experience passing an accident, especially when you realise it was 10 minutes behind you.  The rolled mini was being pulled onto a recovery vehicle which passed me shortly afterwards.  I'm hoping the mountain bike sticking out of the police vehicle was one of the force's, not part of the accident.

The ride home was pleasantly uneventful.  Oh, and the barn - I admire the shape of this fella every time I go by, particularly the arched wiring on the sides and today, the big swinging corrugated doors.  It was an opportune day to photograph it - any excuse to give my legs a rest on a vague hill!

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