Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Red Tailed Bumblebee?

Up way too early today, which I came to regret later in the day. 
Whilst waiting for my husband to drag himself out of bed, I did my usual stroll around the garden to see what had emerged overnight. Nothing much, but some plants are on the verge of breaking out into flower - by next weekend I think we might have another flush of colour before I start chopping down all the geraniums and making it look bare again! We do have rather a lot, but they are gradually reducing as we replace them with other things. I am enjoying my new found love of gardening. 
Just another bee on a flower and not very sharp as I didn't download it until this morning and it's all I've got. 

Once hubby had emerged, we headed to my parents and spent the rest of what was a very long day, decorating with a few little breaks in between to see how the tennis, TDF and cricket were doing and then ended up watching the 1966 World Cup Final in colour. I'd never seen it apart from the "you think it's all over" clip. It was quite amusing actually - how things have changed. 
We have more decorating to do, but it is waiting until midweek so M&D can do some more "sorting out of stuff" before we come round. Meanwhile, I'll get back to my bathroom whilst it's raining. 

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