By ilkkavalkila

Evening fog on pasture

Woke up to the sweet sound of soft rain at 6 am, and fell asleep again. It rained a couple of hours yielding four millimetres. Went to clear the fence lines of the next pasture with a scythe, but had to quit when it began to rain again, and more heavily. 11 millimetres more in two hours, so it became the rainiest day in seven weeks.

Not the hottest day (*), but the sweatiest as the moisture was exceptionally high. Decided to work indoors in the afternoon, cleaning the cowshed with the boys.

The high moisture made a nice foggy night.

*) I think +28°C, but it's weird that it's less than at Tampere-Pirkkala airport, when usually our thermometer goes a little higher on hot days.

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