Keith B

By keibr

Rainy Sundsvall

The empty streets of Sundsvall in the pouring rain.
An unusual day for us, today.  
We went to Sundsvall city centre, a place we haven't visited in many months.
It rained for most of the day, and rained really hard at times. The first time we've seen so much rain in weeks.
The most unusual and fun aspect of the day was that we met up with Blaize and Sheyde, who we haven't seen since 2018, when we were at Blaize's wedding in Italy.
Blaize is our Goddaughter and lives in Canada. Sheyde, her sister, lives in Britain. There's a picture of them as an extra. They were both visiting because their Swedish grandmother was celebrating her 90th birthday.  As you can imagine there were plenty of Covid testing hoops to jump through as Blaize travelled from Canada to the UK to Sweden, and there'll be more to come as she travels home to Canada via UK.
It was s lovely to meet up with them and catch up on the news and gossip from their Swedish family and friends.
This is a backblip, There's another here, and today's picture here.

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