Snap, crackle, and pop

By marking_time


Late night last night because someone had an aberration and wanted to watch the ball game. Poor sleep due to owls, heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

Today is very wet, so no photos from our walk today.

The shower is on its way and is apparently currently in Chauvigny. We are suffering the usual difficulties with phone calls and responding to a request for directions was fraught. Mr L marched up and down outside trying to get sufficient signal and when he did he had trouble grasping what was being said at him. He thinks that they wanted directions from Lathus. Why aren't they coming down the Route Nationale? It makes no sense.

I expect it will get here eventually. It's 170 Kg so we shall have to unpack it outside in the rain, French deliveries only go as far as the front door - and that only if you are lucky!

Why the delivery men appear to lack SatNav or a map or any gumption at all, defeats me.

I shall be in need of this gin later, I am certain.

Probably time that we tried once again to obtain a landline.

Apologies for the emergency Blip but I suspect my day won't improve much later and I may as well just get it out of the way. Otherwise it would be a picture of my curry :-)

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