Mike Lincoln

By Linxpix

Elephant's trunk !! :-)

This is in one of our local parks, growing out of the side of a tree trunk . I have tagged into Mono Monday as it is pretty far out for ones imagination !
Daughter wanted to go shopping at Next as she had a £50 voucher and there was a sale on, I popped into Out George ASDA which is on the same site, looked around and found what I wanted, but could not find a staff member to ask if it was OK to try it on, eventually a staff member turned up I asked the question , answer No. but you can 100 days to bring it back, which is fair. Pleased to say when I got home fitted perfectly  my daughter's purchases also fitted, plus she still has some money left on her voucher :-)
This afternoon me, my daughter and her partner decided to go for a walk in Hartsholme park this where the elephant was, I was surprised that she thought there might be a real elephant !! However she did see her first lizard :-)

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