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Here We Go Again

Haven’t posted yesterday’s yet as need a computer to use pics from my Canon.

We were happy to get on the Fishnish ferry without any big wait yesterday. Then had to stop just outside Lochaline as the car didn’t sound right. Had a look underneath and could see the exhaust had come apart. I managed to half crawl under the car and pull the two parts together and rebolt it but knew the join wasn’t quite right. We got to Glasgow about 8pm after a bit of a hold up at Loch Lomond due to an accident. Made the mistake of opening windows so experienced the midges round there which are quite ferocious. R cooked a delicious stir fry and then we just watched some tv rubbish before heading to bed.

Called a garage first thing and they fitted us in. The man hit something with a hammer so I’m sure all is good now. I’m very grateful and they wouldn’t take any payment, so a big shout out to Byers Road Garage.

This is a really grainy blip as took it with my phone.

More obstacles to my trip materialised today, heard there has been a very significant increase in covid cases on Mull. So will be doing yet another lateral flow test in the morning before making the final decision to travel on to see J in Leicester.

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