Chasing dogs for balls

Being this week in sole parental charge, while Mrs. Ottawacker gets herself back into the swing of things and having run out of excuses, I found myself at around 10 o'clock a little bereft of ideas as to how to entertain the plum of my loins. 

So we got in the car and went driving - and ended up in an area of Ottawa called Sandy Hill. It's a nice area, and when I first came to Ottawa, I wanted to live there because it was vibrant and fun, and close to the university.

As I later came to realise, North American universities don't have the same cultural and community roles - but still have a soft spot for SH.

We parked and went for a walk along the river - and then discovered the Sandy Hill Community Garden, which was rather small but nonetheless brilliant. I felt a sudden upswing in happiness seeing the flowers and allotments all neatly laid out. 

We had a walk in the park and Ottawacker Jr. found someone to accost. A woman walking a dog - or rather a woman throwing a ball for a dog to chase. Well, if a ball is being thrown, try and stop Ottawacker Jr. from legging after it - so he did, and found that the dog was a little quicker than he.

Then the dog decided enough was enough, picked up his ball and jumped in the river. It was a close-run thing, but I managed to catch OJ before he managed to do the same. 

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