By Nathcarr91

Arran from Bute (Film)

Whilst we were on the Isle of bute, we had a trip to the beach, the temperatures we high 20s so would of been a missed opportunity. Whilst we were there we had a perfect view off the Isle off Aaran, this place never looses its beauty.

So as I had my camera in my bag with me I tried to get a decent image of it. Again this one is shot on film, as you can see from the image, film still does give you nice detail and I feel like a couple of the images I've taken in film have had a little bit more feeling in them, if this makes sense. I get that vintage kind of retro feel from them, possibly nostalgic? I'm not sure, but I like it.

Hopefully more film shots to follow, I'm currently running a roll of expired film through, so that should be interesting.

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