By Charente

A surprise visitor.......

Not something we see often in the garden but Mr C discovered this Common Toad (Bufo bufo) hiding under a tile this afternoon.  I use tiles to protect young plants so there is a few of them around the edge of the vegetable garden.  He put the tile back and came and called me.  I again removed the tile to take a photo and the toad literally took a deep breath blowing itself up and relaxed.  The obvious thought was 'Here we go again'  It never moved and the tile went back over it again. Reading up about them it says they are quite intelligent and can be easily tamed, one was known to have lived for at least 36 years.  I have no intentions of taming it but is very welcome to live here in the garden.

We spent the morning sorting through the things in the barn and putting items back to where they had been moved from.   It is now looking a lot tidier but still quite a lot to go through at the back.  I did a bit of weeding and then went out with the camera.  All these shots are abandoned for the toad which came a bit later.   Trying to keep track of F1, cricket and TDF but there really is just too much on.  I will be glued to the end of the TDF though and will be shouting loudly for Cavendish, maybe he will hear me in Paris and it will spur him on.

Dinner tonight is Gabure again and served with a salad.  Maybe afterwards we will have ice cream and blackberry coulis :-). Not of course forgetting the glass of wine.

Have a good week everyone and stay safe, COVID is not going to go away in a hurry.  Thanks so much for visiting I will try to catch up with comments later.

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