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By NatureWatcher

Small tortoiseshell butterfly

I share a hedge cutting man with my next door neighbour as I find it hard to reach the far edge and there's a sheer drop on the other side.

He came today and cut it and it's great to have more light in.  When he'd gone I noticed that he'd trampled a number of plants in my wild area.  The Jacob's ladder is now a couple of small stems growing out of the ground.  My mystery plant (which Paola and TonyG kindly identified as Angel's Fishing Rod) was flattened.

My neighbour thinks that it's due to him working in conservation and not having to look where he puts his feet!

It's been overpowerfully hot again and I'll be glad when it's a bit cooler.  
My blip is of a small tortoiseshell butterfly on the wild marjoram in my garden. 

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