End of a Perfect Day

Panicked when I saw it was going to be 28° But no need, today was absolutely lovely (lowish humidity).

Usual cliff-top walk at 10 o’clock. Everywhere fully parked already. Thousands pouring onto the beach.

Back home and messed around. Switched foreign news channels to catch up with the latest European flood news. Floodwaters reached Bavaria,,Austria and Czech Republic. Heavy rain also in the South of Italy. Shall do another catch up before going to bed. Looks like we’re getting more heavy at the end of the week.

After dinner (spicy celery stirfry – a first – delicious), Just was too tempting out. Lots of cars and people still around on the front. So we did a repeat of the morning walk, and this time found the goats out. So we were able to give them tit bits, saved over for a couple of days.

Looks like tomorrow’s is going to be another scorcher. Good Night x

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