Scattered Polaroids

By sp

A few sore heads (and hoarse voices) in the morning after our late night.

We eventually managed to drag ourselves out of the house - we met the others, got some coffees, then went to do some pottery painting. It was such a good therapeutic hangover activity and everyone had fun (apart from Wendy who found it super stressful). Afterwards we wandered to the Pavilion Gardens and had some lunch from the cafe.

We spent the afternoon paddling in the sea (although the beach was so busy it was actually quite hard to find a route down to the water), and looking in a few little shops/stopping often for drinks in the shade.

Out again in the evening, this time actually dressed nicely. We went to an Italian place in the lanes with increddddible food, then on for cocktails on a rooftop terrace (via a little Italian-burning-off walk on the seafront). Home much earlier than yesterday.

Took these during the Mr & Mrs game we played before dinner. Jo had filmed Simon answering the questions, and Stacey did terribly. So funny.

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