Out and About

By Puffin

In search of orchids again

The Tuesday Run crowd walked very slowly round Scout Scar with an orchid location map provided by a friend.  His map has 11 different types to look out for.  We did not see a single one , other than a dead one, even though we were looking very carefully.  Next year we will take the creator of the map with us. 

I did learn that his yellow flower is called Lady's Bedstraw and smelt its honey aroma. According to Mr Google  "The leaves, stems, and flowers are used to make medicine. Lady's bedstraw is used for treating cancer, epilepsy, hysteria, spasms, tumours, loss of appetite, and chest and lung ailments. It is also used to increase urine output for relieving water retention, especially swollen ankles."
And of course for stuffing in the mattresses of pregnant ladies. 

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