By spannarama


Tim called AXA this morning (he has medical cover with them through his work), and got an appointment with a consultant - in Blackheath! - for this evening.  Amazing.  It was a very reassuring appointment - they did lots more tests and have declared him to have a very healthy heart.  More tests still needed, but we're both a lot less worried now.

Very hot day.  I didn't go for a walk as I was ferrying Tim to the hospital and then sorting out dinner, the bins, etc.  Glad to get him home and to relax this evening.

Oh, and in other news, Covid restrictions were lifted in England today (not a reason to relax).  Fuming this evening - after seeing images of people enjoying nightclubs, etc - to hear Bojo say that *from September* people will need to be double-jabbed to enter nightclubs, etc.  What's the point?  What about the two months in between?  There'll be no point by then as everyone will have caught it anyway! 

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