Camping Girls!

I really wasn’t going to go camping this week. But then I heard from my friend who has just bought this vintage (1984) caravan from a neighbour and was on her first camping trip in the New Forest National Park. Did I want to join her?  I was on call for work but yet again didn’t end up getting used, so once I knew I was free to go, I threw some food and clothes in Alfie the Campervan and off I went!  

We ended up at a different site than where she had already spent two nights (in Lymington) because there was no shade there and it’s SO hot this week!  We met up at this site in the forest near Brockenhurst. There was LOTS of shade and we liked the pitch we chose. We talked, had tea, talked, threw together a really nice meal with shared food, talked some more, and finally called it a day. We’ve been close friends for almost 30 years but have struggled to spend much time together in the last few, even though we still live in the same area. Life just got really busy for both of us in recent years. So we are happy to be together for a couple of days this week, and hope this will be the first of many trips!

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