Pickled Onion

That's how William's other Grandad styles William because he says he's a pickle and as sharp as an onion.

I met up with him and his Mum and Dad today for Mum's pregnancy massage at the health club at Burleigh Court, Loughborough University. While Kat was getting her deserved pamper, George, Will and I sat in the courtyard where a demonstrative pigeon kept settling in a nearby tree and then swooping closely over our heads.

I introduced William to the lovely lacy hydrangea and tried to teach him the word.

When Kat emerged, looking relaxed (but for how long?), we ordered bar snacks. I have to say the fish and chips looked good but I couldn't even eat the chips because of gluten contamination.

Our very friendly waitress had a daughter who was coeliac. At first, she'd dismissed tummy aches as her daughter's bid to stay off school but when other symptoms emerged, she took her to the doctor and eventually she was diagnosed.

Learning of my gluten free needs, she brought me a dish of gluten free biscuits to eat after my GF ham sandwich. It wasn't the best GF bread bun. It disintegrated totally and I ended up just eating the ham and tomato but the salad was nice with mayonnaise.

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