Socially distanced beatboxing

Almost a contradiction in terms.

Oxford's noisiest independent music venue re-opened this evening. It was very obvious how much both performers and audience have missed live music - the mood was jubilant. One of the performers was Pye, a beatboxer who has featured in my journal before. He opened his set by saying how very pleased he was that his first post-lockdown gig was here since it was the venue that offered him his first gig ever, aged 17. Just brilliant to see him and others performing again.

All the doors of this space were open to the street but there was a fug of smoke between those inside and the rain. I don't know whether Covid can survive smoke.

Coincidentally, this is just inside here and, I learnt this evening, the artist, Joshua Squashua, was at school with Pye. Oxford is a very, very small place.

A very blurry phone snap but hey, it's history.

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