By Paladian

Lock-down Day 4

And we have almost caught up with back blips.

Another lock-down project has been sorting out the linen cupboard.  And I came across this piece that I knitted way back in the mists of time.  I haven't have it on display for ages, because it's a pain in the rear end to wash, and particularly to iron.

It occurs to me that I've always liked knitting - particularly knitted lace.  Not so good at fair isle.  But lace is good.

On the subject of projects, the knitted cardigan is almost finished.  I ran out of yarn before the front band was finished, and (of course) the colour is discontinued.  So I had this brilliant idea, and I'm knitting the band in a deeper colour which works well with the original.  It'll be finished in a few days if this weather continues.

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