By ilkkavalkila

Morning on the pasture

It was very peaceful. I could bring a new bale to the trailer on the other side without any of them getting interested in my actions. After that I continued fixing the fence of the next paddock. It's now ready, but the water troughs etc. still need some work and the trees on the current paddock provide shadow on the hot days we are having now, so no changing yet.

Today the temperature reached +30°C. A little emergency to start the afternoon. Lauri was leaving to take his first covid jab and the car wouldn't start. Actually even the locks didn't open. I later found out that I had left the lights on, but that shouldn't have emptied the battery so quickly, as only the parking lights are on when the ignition is turned off. I charged the battery, but the charger didn't work properly in the end, perhaps because of the heat. Anyway, I assume the battery is not in good condition and must be changed sooner or later.

Later on I drove around to see in what condition the underground cable project has left the ditches and roadsides. Early for that though, as it hasn't rained, so the soil hasn't settled yet, but I'm afraid there are problems ahead in some places.

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