The Bookmobile Is Back!

Here is some happy news: The Bookmobile is back on the road! It was closed down for a while for a number of reasons, including Covid, and then the retirement of the main guy who drove it.

But it is back on the road now, and they have hired a new guy named Jacob to run it. My husband requested some books for us online, and on this day, we met the Bookmobile at Way Fruit Farm to pick up our books.

Oh, they are books full of magic! Books about murder and mystery and mayhem, and even romance, and who knows what all. For we have not read them yet, but they are by authors we like, so we are sure we will enjoy them.

It's fun to take an hour or two to disappear into a book; to open up your imagination; to meet some new hero; to explore some other world. We are grateful for books, and for libraries, and even more so for people who bring us books for free, almost to our front door! What a grand service to offer!

The soundtrack song is Queen, with A Kind of Magic.

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