Watering the flowers

A busy day, down to Southport to see Deb's Godmother, and take her out to lunch. Then dropped in to see her Aunt & Uncle (also in Southport) to see them, they were meant to be coming home to stay with us for a few days, but her Aunt hasn't been too well, and her son (Deb's Cousin) has just been taken into hospital suffering from Covid.

Then drove to her Mum's house, to pick up more stuff to sort out - brought it home to sort - finally getting home by about 7.45. I got the sprinkler out and watered the border, using my primotar lens, I focused on the water drops on these leaves, capturing the falling water drops in the background as "soap bubble bokeh" freezing it with a 1/10,000th sec exposure at full aperture(f3.5)

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