Red, Green, and Blue

By GemmoMC

Laundry Day

I need to do better at uploading my photos daily. One of these days, I will post more regularly, but until enjoy my sporadic blips with tons of backblips.

It's been a very long time since I last got my clothes washed. In fact, the last laundry day was the beginning the month. Jacques and Rosine have been for a long time. Jacques left around the 6th while Rosine left the following Thursday. They originally had left for Easter and for spring break. So I expected for them to be back by last weekend. They came home, but only for a short while. Anyway, since they're still gone and Rosine does not like us to use her washing machine, I had to go to a laundromat to do my one months worth of dirty clothes. It definitely adds up.

The last time I had to do my own laundry was two months ago when I was getting ready for my trip to Italy. (Again, Jacques and Rosine were gone on vacation.) And that last time I had a lot of clothes too and so I stuffed both my giant, red Casino bags. I carried them all the way to the laudromat, probably 1.5km away from home. By the end of the night my arms were ready fall off. So far today, I learned my lesson that I should use some assistance.

The night before, I prepared my clothes and put them into the caddy. Then I placed the other bag right on top. Well, this morning, I thought, these bags aren't too heavy, so I took the other bag out of the caddy and I walked towards the bus stop. Bad idea! Carrying two incredibly stuffed bags is extremely difficult, so I decided to go back home to get the caddy. Needless to say, my trip to the laundromat became so much more easy. I had taken my laundry out of the caddy because I didn't want to look like a little dork pulling it to and from. But I sucked it up and used it. It made life so easy! I should use that thing more often.

Doing laundry at the laundromat is so expensive. I paid 15.60 for 2 loads, one small for whites and one large for colors, and 36 minutes of drying time (9mins/1euro)! 15.60 versus free laundry... hmm... I choose free. Too bad I couldn't wait any more. I had nothing left to wear.

I went to campus today to find a book at the library. In short, they didn't have it. What university library does not have a book I need for class!?!? This wouldn't happen back home. Anyway, I barely missed the General Assembly. It is the beginning of spring break and students are still protesting. Quite amazing.

So the Lourdes to trip with April is a no go. I met her at Hotel de Ville and we decided that it wasn't worth it. The cost for the amount of time we were going to be there was not worth it. Hopefully later we/I can go. But for now I REALLY need to write my papers.

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