a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Sudden Downpour Protection

Wide Wednesday: Castle Bridge

Today was not a day to be outside without taking some protection from the rain.  Much of the day was dry but every now and again you'd get a sudden 5 minute downpour, if you got caught in it you got very, very wet.

I've not altered the colour of that lovely orange umbrella.  If only I could have got a shot of her with the umbrella up.

There are actually 3 bridges in this shot, so it should qualify for today's Wide Wednesday theme.  I was keen to try to get a person in the shot, both for scale and to give the picture some potential human interest.  

After spending a little time on this between the showers this morning, I was surprised to learn how few people walk in the middle of the bridge, mid-way between the hand rails.  Most people head for the rail on their left hand side. The other thing that you notice, is just how many people walk along looking at their phones nowadays.  Insurance claim forms must be full of references to accidents caused by or to individuals who were looking at their phone at the relevant time.

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