By dunkyc

In the wars...

Whilst I was in the process of getting our tea sorted, M’boy was busy on the laptop editing some videos he’d taken earlier in the day. The Youngest had raided the “crafting” box and was earnestly scribbling away.

Initially it appeared to be quite a sweet picture of President Teddy…and then came the red pen. I wasn’t entirely sure where she was going with it halfway through, but as it transpires it was a portrait of President Teddy after “the wars” he was in when he was younger.

I can’t help but feel that she has taken the phrase “you’ve been in the wars” a little too literally, but despite ALL of the blood (so much blood) on display, the thought of tiny little PT fighting in any war, does make me laugh, if a little nervously.

There is a LOT of blood, isn’t there? There’s some on the sword too which would seem to indicate that PT has run someone through with his blade. Also, I didn’t check with her, but the bottom bit looks like it is written in blood…THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T ANALYSE ARTWORK!!

In other, much nicer news, we made the most of a dreary evening (our only night together this week as they’re with their mum) with a movie night in front of Raya and the Last Dragon, which actually had a STORY and looked fantastic! Five stars from each of us.

“So much blood!”

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