By jessicadanielle

Backpacker's Paradise

Here are some photos of Kotor, Montenegro. Montenegro was a last minute, spur of the moment trip for Steven and I. We were planning to go to Belgrade, Serbia for a few weeks. So, instead of going straight from Tirana to Belgrade, we decided to stop over in Montenegro, knock off another country, and then get Tito's old railway train from Bar to Belgrade. 

What was meant to be a small, quick trip turned into a week spent at the best hostel Steven and I have ever stayed in. We usually can't stay in hostels due to our work situation. We require a quiet space to work on the weekends, and hostels are not suited for that environment. Because of this, we miss out on the social aspect of being backpackers. We don't meet a lot of new people, we don't do group activities, and we certainly aren't forced to get outside of our comfort zone. 

When we get to stay in hostels for a week we LOVE it. And the Old Town Hostel in Kotor will forever hold such a special place in my heart. The week spent there was filled with meeting new friends, bonding over shared travel experiences, and overcoming some small fears. (I jumped off of the top of a boat into the sea and it was the BEST THING I'VE DONE IN A LONG TIME). So much fun. We immediately connected with a few people that we will probably always be friends with. Steven and I have talked about sending them wedding invitations should we ever tie the knot. We still talk to some of these friends, months later, and it is truly a testament to the way traveling the world bonds those who dare to do it. I miss Kotor. I miss walking the cobbled streets and gaping at the King's Landing-like scenery. I miss jumping off boats and catching sunsets that take your breath away. The places that steal your heart - even if it's for a short time - will always hold a place in it. 

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