By pandammonium

Flowers (incomplete)

First things first. Thank you to all you lovely people for the sympathy, the love, the concern you gave me on my last blip, my migraine aura. I’m recovered now, although I was really tired for a day or two afterwards. I’m very lucky in that Mr Pandammonium takes good care of me while I’m unwell, and Mr Perkins is delighted to have someone to snuggle up in bed with.

Remember my pastel drawings? I’ve rediscovered an app on my iPad that emulates pastel drawing. I first came across the app on blip – presumably from gennepher, given the results of this blip search for iPastels. (In time, my use of the app will skew the search results because I’ll also tag the name of the app.)

Anyway, I started drawing some squiggles, and they turned into these roses or peonies or something (in my mind). If they turn out well, I’ll dedicate them to my lovely followers. (If they turn out bad, then I’ll dedicate them to my unlovely followers. I don’t think I have any of those anyway.)

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