In An Instant

By MrRosewarne

'The Normal Tuesday Routine'

I always enjoy Tuesdays now as I come home an hour early from work to take over after school care from my Mum & Nanna.

Last night I bought home a car boot full of old fence palings cut up into small pieces just perfect for kindling for the fireplace.

Tonight Master Rosewarne helped me de-nail the last of them and now they're all stacked up under the carport ready for winter to arrive.

I went for a big walk in the city at lunchtime today with my little point and shoot camera, took heaps of images only to find out tonight after downloading the photos that someone had changed the setting back to the lowest possible resolution and smallest file size. The images were as good as useless unless I wanted to quickly email them to somebody (which I didn't).

Anyway this allowed my to take the DSLR camera out tonight at home and get some nice images of the kids riding their bike and scooter up and down the driveway, and another very big male roo just in the next door neighbours garden no more than 3 or 4 metres from us.

But I liked this one of our precious the most.

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