Ms Ruby Throated Hummingbird taking a pause between drinks at the feeder.

I see both the male & female at the honeysuckle blossoms often but never when I have a camera close at hand. I can count on them visiting the feeder regularly though.

I headed over to Birgit’s today and while she finished up some work she was doing, I played with one of the cats. Rey, stays upstairs as she’s a real scaredy-cat but Tifa has gotten used to me and is willing to play. It was nice to play with the feathers and have her chase them.

After we had our lunch I got out some of my large bead containers and told Maria (Birgit’s mum) that I needed her help with a project. I had Maria pick out beads and I laid them out on the mat to make a necklace. Once that was done it was a simple task of stringing them.

With the necklace put together, I gave it to Maria and told her that there was the necklace she designed and she could keep it for herself or maybe it would be her Christmas gift for her sister!

You can laugh, but Maria had said a couple of months ago that she wanted to make a necklace for her sister. Then she decided between arthritic fingers etc that it wasn’t going to happen. No way! I knew I could make it happen without Maria even knowing what she was doing and it happened Yay!!!

Also today my sister arrived in Westray for a short vacation. It has been a couple of years since she’s seen my parents thanks to Covid and it will be nice to get her take on how my parents are doing

It’s Friday once again so Happy Weekend Everyone. Take care of yourself and each other xx

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