By dunkyc

Raise a glass

My father retired today.

I raised a glass of Handsome (from Kendal’s hottest new bar) to him with Russ, who had just remarked when informed of the retirement “Well, it’s about f***ing time!” 

We’re all chuffed to bits for him. He’s worked hard, long hours at a high level for as long as I can remember, so to see him now finally step away from it all is most definitely “a good thing”.

Throughout his career he has given me opportunities to further my career by becoming one of my key clients for the past few years, so it will be strange moving forward without him in that respect.

The important thing is that in exchange for all those years he’s put in, he is now in possession of life’s greatest commodity: time. I’m sure he’ll engage in a few of the classic retirement staples, ie. more time on the golf course, more time in the garden, more time with mum, but I think he’ll turn his hand to a few other projects too. 

The best thing is that for here on out, he’ll be doing things because he wants to and not because he has too.

Feeling very proud (and if truth be told, envious) of the ol’ man today!

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