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From the age of just four to when I was eight I attended a girls' boarding school, (Elmwood Lothian) in Harrogate, as a day girl.     The school also took boys up to the age of six (I think).   
We moved before the end of term and my Mum arranged with an American lady (who lived on the base at Menwith Hill), who had a son attending, to drop me off on her way home - she had a Metropolitan - I remember thinking it was so exotic!!!!!   We had a Morris Minor!!

This Metropolitan is in the showroom of a garage up the road from here. 

FLOWERFRIDAY25_2021  (25 June 2021):

BikerBear Hearts for:






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Huge thanks to the 117 blippers who took part - and also for your patience.   I am now out of June and it's the end of July!!!!!!

For those of you on the other side of the world please remember this is a VERY loose challenge so, if flowers are a bit hard to come by, then pretty leaves, twigs, fabric, ornaments, veggies (that look flowery) and weeds are all fine too!

Smile for the Day:

A young boy is in the car with his father and they are listening to music on the radio.
The boy asks  " What music did you enjoy when you were growing up, Dad? "
Father:   "Led Zeppelin "
Boy:  " Who? "
Father:  " Oh yes, I liked them too "


~ Anni ~

This is Saturday uploaded on Sunday.

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