We had to do the trip up the M5 again but this week we left earlier, leaving a little after 8. We passed Sedgemoor after an hour as opposed to the two hours last Saturday and we'd decided to stop off at Lacock to have coffee a walk about and some lunch before doing the last 40 minutes to where the interment of my sister's ashes was to take place. All went well although there were signs saying that the M4 was closed between junctions 13 and 14. That was alright because we were going off at 15. The traffic came to a stop two miles from our turn off. We phoned my niece and she said many other people were also stuck on the M4, most of them I imagine were coming from the London side. She said it wouldn't be starting until we had all arrived.

Yesterday would have been Mandy's birthday which is why the day was chosen. Fortunately, the easing of restrictions enabled us to get together 15 months after her death from the Covid 19 virus. It was a woodland burial site which will evolve into a small native woodland and wildflower meadow. It was great that the good weather lasted through the afternoon. We sat in a small roundhouse with birds and butterflies flitting about outside. The ceremony was very nicely done, just the right side of hippy dippy. There were of course solemn moments but I was very pleased that when my niece asked about music for the funeral last year, I'd remembered that one of Mandy's most favourite records was 'The Welly Boot Song' by Billy Connelly. I was a bit hesitant about suggesting it at that time but it which brought a smile to all of our faces today.

My blip today is from Lacock, a National Trust village and birthplace of modern photography. I've added an image taken out of the window of the cafeteria which almost made it to main blip position. I've also added one from the interment.

It was a good day but tiring physically and emotionally and it was good to get back home at the end of it.

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